Kindertales How-To
Immunization Tracking

This guide will show you how to setup immunizations that you wish to track and how to record when they are administered to a child.

Step 1: Adding Immunization Types

Go to the corporate or location settings and click on Forms and then Immunizations. Any immunizations you enter at the corporate level will appear for all locations. Those entered at a location level will only appear for children at that location.


The form (shown below) will allow you to enter the name of the Immunization and at what age each dose is typically due at. You can have up to seven dosage due dates per immunization.

Step 2: Recording Immunization Dates

Head to a child’s profile section and select Forms and Reports and then Immunization. The chart will show you all of the active immunizations you are tracking and what dates and ages the doses are due based on the ages you entered in the Immunization setup area.


Click on any cell and use the date picker to select the date the dose was administered. You can use the small x in the corner of each cell to clear the date if required.


Cells colored orange are immunizations that are due soon. Red cells are immunizations that are past due.