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Fast, secure and really, really cool.

Using “Kindertales Check-In” parents can check-in their children using facial recognition or a QR code and staff can check-in for work!*

Secure Facial Recognition Check-In

Parents and staff can both use the facial recognition feature to check their children in or check-in for work.

QR Check-In

Parents not comfortable with using facial recognition can use QR code check-in via the Kindertales mobile app.

Digital Signatures

Parents can provide required signatures directly in the app with a stylus or their finger tip.

Custom Message Display

Create unique messages for parents and staff that display at the end of the check-in/out process.

Works with Many Android Devices and Mounts

Check-In will work on most Android tablets and phones with a front facing camera**. Mounts of all shapes and sizes are available via online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy.

Recommended Tablet Mount:

CTA Digital Universal Anti-Theft Security Grip with POS Stand for Tablets

Kiosk Mode

This app is designed to run in Kiosk Mode on your Android device. This prevents users from being able to shut down the app while it is in a public space. To turn Kiosk Mode on or off just return to this initial setup process via the Settings section in the app.




This app is intended to be left running on a tablet in a kiosk format. Your device should be plugged in at all times to ensure it is always up and running when parents and staff are attempting to check in or out.


*A Kindertales account is required to use Kindertales Check-In. Sign-up here.

**If the device has been lying in a drawer for the last 5 years we can't make any promises

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Family Billing




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