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Family Billing

We’re always hard at work.

Here are some features that are coming soon.

Coming Soon

Soon means that these feature are already in development and not some future promise. When release dates are scheduled we'll be sure to let you know.

Meal Planning
Create nutritious meal plans for the week or month that staff and parents can see.

Lesson Planning

Enter your lesson plans and have them ready to review in the Classroom app. Track progress with with Milestones observation tool.


Graduation Alerts

One of many new features to be added to our forecasting system. Be automatically alerted when children should be graduated to their next program.


Quickbooks and Accounting Software Integration

Easily transport your billing data into Quickbooks or other accounting software of your choice.


Detailed Reports

Do you like statistics? So do we. More robust and detailed reports are coming soon.


Lead Tracking and Conversion Tracking
Easily keep track of potential customers and follow their progress from lead to enrollment.

Staff Management

Coordinate staff schedules, payroll and more with our enhanced staff management tools.

Have a feature request? We’d love to hear from you.

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Family Billing




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To provide caregivers with the tools needed to spend less time managing the facility and more time sharing their love and knowledge with the children they care for. At Kindertales we're dedicated to enhancing and enriching the early childhood experience.


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