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Kindertales How-To
Classroom App - Main Menu Pt. 1

This help section explains the summary focused functions you can access from the main menu of the Kindertales for Classrooms app.

What are summary functions?

These are items in the main menu that provide you a summary and status of various events and activities that may require your attention.


The information provided in these sections is tied directly to the classroom you are currently viewing.

Where do I find the main menu?

The main menu (2) can be accessed by swiping to the right from the left side of the screen or tapping the menu icon in the top left corner (1).


The classroom you are currently working with is displayed in the green bar below your user information (3). Tap the green bar to change your classroom.


Admin level users will have an additional bar for changing which location they are currently viewing.

Which items in the main menu are summary functions?

The following main menu items provided you a summary of information regarding the child and menu option selected.



The classroom screen displays all of the children who are expected to be in attendance for the current day.


Attendance Tracker

This screen provides a list of upcoming attendance based changes to the current room. These can include graduations in and out of the room, absences, additional requested days in care and more.




This screen will provide a summary of which children have immunizations that are due soon or past due. A summary of children who have active medications is also shown.


The main menu and grey status bar will display the number of children requiring attention to their immunizations or medications.



Daily Activity

This screen will provide statistics on how many of each activity type has been recorded today and for which children.




This screen will provide statistics on which children in the room have had milestones recorded for them today.




This screen will provide a summary of any open reports requiring signatures to be marked complete for the children in the selected room.



Offline Queue

This screen will provide a summary of all tasks that you have performed while the device you are on is offline. Once your connection to the internet is restored the queue will automatically process all the tasks in the list.


Please note that functionality of the app becomes more limited when in offline mode and it is recommended to maintain a strong connection to the internet.