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Kindertales How-To
Classroom App - Main Menu Pt. 2

This help section explains the action focused functions you can access from the main menu of the Kindertales for Classrooms app.

What are action functions?

These are any items in the main menu that allow you to perform an action, such as replying to a message or checking yourself in and out.

Where do I find the main menu?

The main menu (2) can be accessed by swiping to the right from the left side of the screen or tapping the menu icon in the top left corner (1).


The classroom you are currently working with is displayed in the green bar below your user information (3). Tap the green bar to change your classroom.


Admin level users will have an additional bar for changing which location they are currently viewing.

Which items in the main menu are action functions?

The following main menu items allow you to perform various actions based on the menu item selected.



Access your inbox and reply to messages from parents or administrative staff.


Event Calendar

Coming Soon!



Review all the checklists associated with the currently selected classroom. The numeric indicator tells you how many are due to be completed today.



This section allows you to create a report regarding any repairs or maintenance required for the current classroom.


Quick Media

Quick access to a camera for taking photos or recording short video clips. Media recorded here is saved to the gallery for later use.



A gallery of all media recorded from the Quick Media function.


Check-In History

A history of the current user’s check in and out times with the ability to change them that requires supervisor approval.


Desktop Mode (Supervisor / Admin Only)

Will open a web browser for accessing the web portal for performing adminitstrative functions.



Allows current user to update their password.