Kindertales How-To
Custom Form Builder

This guide will show you how to use the custom form builder to recreate any of your print forms or any form you wish for use within Kindertales.

Step 1:

Head to the “Settings” section for a location or your main corporate settings and click “Forms”.


Note: Custom forms created at a location level will only be usable for children at that location. Forms created at the corporate level will appear at all locations.

Step 2:

The default forms section shows the basic forms included with Kindertales. These forms cannot be edited. Any additional information you wish to gather must be done in a custom form.


Click the “New Form” button.


Note: Previously you were able to add custom fields to the enrollment form and the old general consent form. You can recreate these fields and forms yourself with the new custom forms tool. Contact support if you need help bringing those fields over to custom forms.


Step 3:

Clicking “New Form” will bring you to the form builder.


The first step is to add a “Header” element and make sure it stays at the top of the form. Whatever name you give this header is how the form will appear to staff and parents in a child’s form list.


Add elements to the form by clicking on them in the right panel or clicking and dragging them to where you want them in the form.

Step 4:

Clicking “Save” when you are finished creating or editing your form. You will now see your form under the Custom Forms list on the Form Control tab.


Note: Each time you edit an existing form a new revision is saved. You can click the arrow next to any form in your custom form list to review old revisions. This also applies to parents filling out forms. Each time they update a form a new version is saved. Old versions can be reviewed at the bottom of every child’s forms.

Step 5:

Any custom forms you have created and enabled will now appear in the child’s form list on desktop and the parent mobile app.