Kindertales FAQs


How do I sign-up for an account?
Sign-up online at

How do I change my password?
To change your password click on settings at the top right of the screen. The next screen that comes up will allow you to reset your password.

How do I set up my location?
To set up a new location go to your corporate Settings > Locations > Add/Edit Location. Here you can add a new location or edit the details of a current location. Check out our quick start guide for more details.

How do I set up a program and room?
To set up or edit a program go to Settings > Programs > Add/Edit a Program. Here you can add a new program and it's pricing structure(s) or edit an existing one. Once you create a new program you will automatically be brought to the pricing set up for that program. You can create all available pricing structures for that specific program. To set up a room go to Settings > Select Rooms > Select Add/Edit Room. Here you can enter the information for a specific room. Once saved you can now enroll children into that room. Check out our quick start guide for more details.

Can I manage my Staff?
Create staff profiles and manage their access in the system. Assign work schedules and salary for use later in payroll reports. Forecast how many teachers you will need in a given room today or in the future. Know what days you need extra staff or DON'T need extra staff using the enrollment manager. Manage staff’s sign in/out and track their hours worked for payroll.


To add/edit staff go to Settings>Staff>. To edit a current staff select the staff member and select the edit tab on the right. To add a new staff member select Add/Edit A Staff at the top. Once you are finished adding or editing a staff member select submit at the bottom to save.

How do I enroll a child?
Create child profiles upon enrollment, archive children who leave, and have the ability to move profiles from one location to the next. Make your enrollment process paperless and far less time consuming. Parents can fill out all of their enrollment forms securely online. You can track allergies, communicable diseases, medical concerns and more.


From your dashboard select Enrollment>New Profile>. Fill out the required fields. >select Create Account. When the account is created the primary parent will receive a welcome email to Kindertales and direct them to the forms page in their child profile where they can complete and submit all required forms to accept their child into care. These families can also immediately pay their required registration payments directly from their child's profile easily and securely online to secure their child's placement in your organization. Once the child's account has been created the child will now appear on the pending list in your enrollment section. From here you can register a child into a program and set up their billing. Once you have received the required forms and payments from the family, you can then finalize the child into care by going to their profile and selecting "Finalize Account". Once Finalized the child will now appear in the classroom application on the teachers tablets and is available to be accepted into your care.

Can I do my reporting with Kindertales?
With daily activity reports you can quickly and easily create reports for children under your care across a variety of activities. Save time by tagging multiple children and filling out group reports instead of one at a time. Every child has a detailed profile accessible on the tablet with key medical, parental and contact information. Accident, illness and injury reports are available that accept the required supervisor and parental signatures directly on the tablet.

To give a child/children a daily activity select Daily Activities from your menu. Select the child/children you wish to record, > Record and Save. Create fun updates for parents about their child’s day that can include a photo. Parents receive notifications as each report is completed to share in their child's day. To create a report for a child select Reports from the Menu > Select the child/children > Select the Report > Create the report. Once the report is created the supervisor with get a priority notification on their desk top. Here they will review and sign off on the report. If any changes need to be made the supervisor can log into the tablet and make any adjustments. When the child is picked up the guardian will review the report and sign on the tablet. Once all 3 parties have signed the report it is now filled and saved in the child's profile. *Please note that reports do not go out to parents news feeds. They are reviewed in person. Once saved in the child's profile an icon will appear in the parents attendance calendar where they can see and review the report.

Can I see my classrooms in the future?
Kindertales includes the ability to forecast the number of children in any room at any point in the future. Using this tool, you will always know when you have space for new sign ups or single day drop offs. See the totals for every day of the week for any room as far into the future as you want.

To access this tool from your desktop select Enrollment > Enrollment Manager > Program Type > Room > Date. Here you will see a detailed list of every child currently enrolled and what their daily schedules are for that week. As you scroll down you are given a summary of totals for each room week by week as far out into the future as you wish. All scheduled changes and moves will appear with a specific icon alerting you what is happening with that child on that day. For more info read our guide on forecasting tools.

Can I message staff and parents?
No more notes on cubbie bins. No more fliers for staff to try and hand out to every parent at the end of the day. Message teachers straight to their tablets and parents on their desktop or mobile device. Choose from a variety of included co-branded templates or save any draft you make as a new template.

Message your whole location, specific rooms or even specific parents effortlessly. Create and issue permission slips that parents can approve on their desktop or mobile device. To compose a message from your dashboard select Messages > Select Compose > Select your Template > Compose your Message. You can send your message out immediately or you can also schedule messages to send out at a later time. For more info read our guide on messaging.

Is there waitlist management?
Make sure your rooms are never empty with the powerful Inquiry Manager. Stay in touch with parents directly from the list. With one click alert them that a space has become available in their desired programs. To manage your waitlist from your dashboard select Enrollment > Inquiry Manager. Here you can manage all children on your inquiry list by selecting their name. All information about this child and all communication between you and this family will appear. You can even record private messages about this child/family. For more info read our guide on the Inquiry Manager.

Can I track subsidy?
Subsidy is seamlessly built into your billing process. You can mark transactions paid by subsidies as received and lock date periods from having any further charges arranged to a specific subsidy. To setup your Subsidy go to Corporate Settings > Billing > Subsidy. Enter in the information of the subsidy you receive and save. Select ON to lock for each location. Individual locations will not be able to edit, however each location can add an additional subsidy that is unique to them. For more info

 on tracking subsidy.

Can I bill my parents through Kindertales?
With Kindertales you can start collecting money from the moment you sign up. Families can pay online from their desktop or mobile device. With auto-billing you can charge your families credit cards or bank accounts on a recurring basis. It takes only seconds to setup. Payments are securely deposited to your bank account in as little as two days. With no transfer minimums you can get your cash fast. You’ll always know where your money is. Kindertales summarizes recent and upcoming deposits directly on your dashboard for quick analysis. More details on our online billing system can be found

To set up your program billing go to Settings > Billing > Select On Line Payments ON > Select Credit Card Processing ON > Select Directly Charge Bank Accounts ON. Then fill out the required fields on the Secure Bank Account Setup form. Congratulations you have now successfully set up your easy online billing and payment processing.

How much does it cost?
With Kindertales you can start collecting money from the moment you sign up. Families can pay online from their desktop or mobile device. There are no setup fees and no hidden costs. There are no training fees or per-location fees. 1-80 Students $2.00 per child per month. Meet a minimum amount of online payment processing and your monthly per student fee will be completely FREE! Learn more about pricing

Can I create my own forms?
Kindertales allows you to build your own custom forms from scratch. Recreate any form you require parents to fill out on enrollment, along with any other necessary forms custom to your unique business as part of enrollment or on-going activities.

Can I track Immunizations?
Kindertales allows you to set up immunizations that you wish to track and record for when they are administered to a child. Kindertales will also alert you when a child is due or overdue for a vaccine. For more info
read our guide on Immunizations.

Can I control what goes out to parents?
You can customize the Kindertales experience for your staff and customers by turning certain features on and off. Go to your Corporate Settings or Location Settings and select Features. For more info
read our guide on controlling features.

How do I set up a credit card?
Let Kindertales handle all of the tedious bookkeeping tasks you used to dread. The automated billing and payment processing allows you to charge your families credit cards or bank accounts on a recurring basis. It takes only seconds to setup. Under the child's profile create a user. Make the user a payer and attach a payment method to them by entering in their credit card info or banking details.  Next when enrolling the child into a program you can select the user as a payer and set up a recurring billing process.


How do teachers check in/out?
Once a teacher has signed into Kindertales, the program will ask the teacher to check in and choose a classroom to check into. Once they click check in, Kindertales will record the check in time. Teachers can check out at the end of the day from the menu bar at the top of the page.

How do I check children in/out?
Track and change the location of individual children or move them in groups to other areas of your location. Staff and parents can see exactly where children are located at any given time. From the menu in the top left corner, select Attendance. Select the Child/Children you wish to check in. On the bottom right select Check In/Out. When the child's profile appears, confirm you want to check the child In/Out by selecting on the bottom right.

If at the time of check in a Visual Concern Report needs to be made you can do so by selecting the Visual Concern red tab just below the child's profile picture. Here you can take a picture, create a report and communicate to the admin office. Please note, this report is not seen by a parent. When moving children to different rooms or common areas at your location select Attendance from the menu. Select the Child/Children you wish to move and select Destination in blue at the bottom of the screen. Select the classroom or common area you wish to move the children to. Confirm that you wish to move the Child/Children to that area. The children will now appear in that common area on the admin app.

How to Record an Observation or Milestone?
Browse and award Milestones to an individual child or group of children. Track each child’s Milestone progress by category with color coded progress bars. Each Milestone can have a photograph and teacher’s note attached to it. Milestone attempts can be recorded to track a child’s progress toward completing them.

To award a child or children a Milestone/Observation in the classroom app, select Milestones from your drop down menu. Select the Child/Children you wish to award and continue. Next select the category of development you wish to award and select the observation from that category. You can take a picture, write a note and award the child either developing or achieved for this observation.

How do I post a daily activity?
Just as teachers would check children in and out, teachers can give a daily activity to children as a group or individual. These include food, drinks, diaper changes, potty attempts, a note of their day with an attached picture, naps,supplies, and any notes teachers need to send to parents. For those who do lesson plans and give them to parents they can use the daily activities and once a week/month send out what the focus or lesson plans are.

Every time a teacher records a daily activity parents are notified in real time and when it is convenient for them, they can log into their account to see their child's activities and pictures. (video coming soon)To post a daily activity to go to the main menu. To get to the main menu, click on the 3 lines at the top left of the screen. Choose the Daily Activity button. Another menu will pop up with the different daily activities a teacher can submit. Select one of the activities and when the activity is submitted that child’s activity page will have the new activity on it. You can submit activities for more than one child at a time.

How do I post pictures?
You can post a picture on My Day under Daily Activities and in the Milestones section.

How do I submit an illness, accident or incident report?
Accident, Illness and Injury reports are completed in detail and accept the required supervisor and parental signatures directly on the tablet.  Once teachers, supervisors and parents have signed the report it is acknowledged and saved in the child's profile. To submit an Accident, Illness or Incident report go to the main menu. To get to the main menu, click on the 3 lines at the top left of the screen.  Choose the Reports button. On the next screen the choose the Accident, Illness or Incident button and fill out the report.  Once you have submitted the report it will show up on the administrators dashboard under a priority notification.

How do I submit a visual concern?
Any visual concern noticed when a child is dropped off can be noted in this section. Take a photo, add a description and supervisors are automatically notified of the event. To submit a visual concern go to the main menu. To get to the main menu, click on the 3 lines at the top left of the screen. Choose the Attendance button. Click on the child you would like to add a visual concern to. Click Check In. On the next screen, click on the Visual Concern bar to add a visual concern.

How do I submit an absence?
Parents can easily notify you that their child is going to be absent for the day or you can record it in their attandance calander.  To submit an absence you would click on the Attendance tab in the childs profile and fill out the Absence box that comes up. Parents can also submit a single day drop off request from the Single Day drop Off box beside the Absence box.


Why am I not getting any notifications?
Go to Settings at the top of your screen. A list will pop up. Check off the notifications for the activities you would like to see.

How do I add a new user?
You can add a new user by going to the My Child tab and then go to the Users tab. Click on add a New User.

How do I set up a credit card?
To set up a credit card go to the My Child tab on the menu bar and then go to Users. Select Add Payment Method to add a credit card. The function is not available in the app but is coming soon.

How do I submit an absence?
To submit an absence you would click on the Attendance tab and fill out the Absence box that comes up. On this page you can also submit a single day drop off request from the Single Day Drop Off box beside the Absence box.

Where do I fill out my enrollment forms?
This is the first page parents will see when they log in for the first time. Here is where they will quickly and easily fill out all required forms on line. Once complete the supervisor/director will be notified on their desktop and the child can be finalized into care. Parents can also select the Reports to view all reports of their child.

How do I record if my child is on a new medication?
When a child is taking a new medication parents will fill in a form online with all the detailed information about that medication, how it is to be administered and all special instructions with it. Once parents submit the form both the teacher and the supervisor/directors are notified on their desktops and it will be stored in the Medication section so teachers can quickly and easily get to it when needed. Simply select Medication on your app and create a new form. Fill in all the details of the medication, and what to watch for while the child is taking the medication.

Where do I see and manage my payments and invoices?
Parents can clearly see what their past and upcoming charges and for what amount. They can also clearly see their current payment method and their child's attendance statistics. Parents can view and print their current invoice,  can view any outstanding payments and easily pay online, and can view and print all their past invoices.

Where can I see any messages from the supervisors or teachers?
Once messages are sent they will appear in the parent's Message Center and will be saved.  All communications from the organization will be saved here and never lost.

Can I message the teacher?
If the organization has enabled Parent Communication then parents are able to message their child's classroom.  These messages do not go out to a specific teacher rather they appear in the communication area of the classroom management tool.

Kindertales FAQs
Kindertales FAQs
Kindertales FAQs
Kindertales FAQs