Kindertales How-To
Messaging - Composing a Message

Learn how to compose a new message including selecting a theme, ccing, saving drafts, attachments, and more.

Selecting a Template

When clicking on compose in the messaging sub menu the first screen you are presented with is the template picker.

Types of Templates

If you are a new user you will only have the default templates (1) to pick from. As you create messages you can save and share templates with other locations in your company. This is done in the sent messages section.


Default templates will not include any body copy, while saved and shared templates will include the full drafted messages they were saved from.



Sharing Templates

You can share your saved templates by clicking the share button (2). This will open a lightbox with a list of the locations in your company and allow you to select which ones to share that template with. You can unshare templates the same way.


Sorting Templates

Each section of templates can be sorted using the drop on the top right of the template section (3).

Recipients and Senders

After selecting your template you will be taken to the compose screen where you will select recipients and compose your message.

Recipients will be displayed in the to field with color coded boxes around them (2).


Green recipients are parents.

Blue recipients are staff.

Purple recipients are both staff and parents.


From Options

If you are sending the message only within Kindertales the ‘From’ field (3) will be locked to your name.


Choosing the Kindertales & Email (4) option allows you select an email address where email replies to your message will be sent.This will default to your user name email but you have the option of adding more reply email addresses by hitting the plus button beside the ‘From’ field (5).


Email addresses you want to add as senders will need to be verified. After adding the email a message will be sent to that address with a link you must click to verify it as a valid email address. You can use the refresh button (6) to check the status of the verification once you have clicked the link or the envelope button (6) to resend the verification email.


Approval Messages and Subsidy

If you want to send a message that requires the recipient to indicate their approval. (i.e. a field trip permission email, etc.) Click the ‘Approval Message’ (7) check box and the received message will include an area for sign-off.


If for any reason you don’t want parents who receive subsidy to receive the message click the check box for ‘Exclude Subsidy Parents’ (8).

Adding Recipients

To add recipients to your message type in the ‘To’ field or click the plus button at the end of the ‘To’ field (1). The same applies to cc recipients.


The plus button will open a contact list of your staff and customers. Select the ones you’d like to add and hit ok.

Drafting Your Message

The area for drafting your message is directly below where you choose your recipients. Depending on the template you chose there may be a graphical header and footer or just a blank area for typing.

Composing Your Message

A MS Word style area is where you draft your message. Options for text formatting, inserting various text layouts and images are available (1).


Adding Attachments

Below the compose area is a field for adding attachments (2). Attached files must be 25mb or less.


Previewing, Saving or Canceling

At the bottom of the screen you will find a row of buttons (3) that will allow you to change the template you’re using (your current message won’t be lost), cancel your message, save it as a draft for later or preview it.


Messages must be previewed before they can be sent, so if you are ready to send hit the preview button to continue.

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