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Messaging - Image Library

Learn how to send your message, save it as a draft for later or schedule it to send at a future date and time.

Upload Image

The upload image tab on the insert image interface allows you to upload an image to insert into your message and make it public for use company wide.

Browse for Image

Use this area (1) to browse your computer for the image you want to upload.


Image Display

Once your image has been uploaded it will display in this area (2). If you are happy with it, hit the ‘Insert Image’ button.



You can add a description (3) to your uploaded image. This can be done later in the library.



This feature (4) allows you to make an image public or private. If the image is private it will only display in your library.


If the image is public all locations in your company will have access to it in their libraries.

Image Library

The image library contains all the images you’ve inserted into messages as well as any images other locations in your company have chosen to make public.


Use this drop down (1) to sort the display of image sin your library.



Use these radio buttons (2) to control which images are being displayed in the library.


Image Library

This is your image library (3). Click an image and then hit the insert button to add it to your message.



To delete a message select it and a red ‘x’ (4) will appear in the corner. Click the x and select yes in the following message box.

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