Kindertales How-To
Messaging - Inbox

This section explains the functionality of the desktop inbox and message reading options for supervisors and parents.


The inbox can be accessed by clicking on Messaging in the main navigation bar. This will always lead you to your inbox.

Inbox Searching

From here you can specify a date range (1) of messages to view and search (2) messages for specific content.


Unread Messages

Unread messages are marked in green (3). Click on a message to view its contents.

Viewing a Message

While viewing a message from your inbox you have a variety of options available.


If the message contains an attachment a box containing a link to it will appear below the message (1). Click it to view or download the attachment.


Message Options

The buttons below the message (2) allow you to go back to your inbox, reply to the message, mark it as unread or delete the message.


Browsing Your Inbox

The arrows in the top right area (3) of the message allow you to cycle through messages in your inbox.

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