Kindertales How-To
Messaging - Previewing & Sending a Message

Learn how to send your message, save it as a draft for later or schedule it to send at a future date and time.

Previewing Your Message

The preview message screen allows you to see how your message will actually appear in recipients inboxes, send the message or schedule it for later.

Recipient and Sender Details

The top section (1) of the preview area contains all the details regarding who you are sending the message to, anyone being cc’ed, subject line, etc.


Default templates will not include any body copy, while saved and shared templates will include the full drafted messages they were saved from.


Message Preview

Below recipients and senders is a preview of how your message will actually appear within the selected template (2).


Message Controls

Below the message preview are the controls for going back to edit your message, canceling, sending your message or scheduling it for later (3).


Scheduling a Message

Clicking the ‘Sched. Message’ button will provide you with a calendar and time picker for scheduling your message to send at a later date.


*Message send times are dependent on server load and number of recipients.

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