Kindertales How-To
Messaging - Sent Messages

Learn how to send your message, save it as a draft for later or schedule it to send at a future date and time.

Sent Messages

The sent messages page allows you to browse all of your sent messages and track delivery, open, click rate, bounce rate and approval status.

Sent Message Search

From here you can specify a date range (1) of messages to view and search messages for specific content.


Regular Message Statistics

Clicking the ‘View Stats’ (2) button next to any sent message will expand it to show you a variety of statistics about the message as well as which recipients have opened and read it or not.


Copy to New

Hitting the ‘Copy to New’ button next to any sent message will take you to compose with an exact copy of the message already created for you (3).


Approval Message Statistics

Approval messages display the same statistics as regular messages but also include the approval status (4) returned by the parent.

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