Kindertales How-To
Quick Start Guide

This guide will show you how to upload your logo, create your first location, create a program and enroll a family. You will also learn how to check-in a child and give them a daily activity.

Complete Company Information & Upload Your Logo

When you first sign-in you will be on the 'Corporate' settings section of Kindertales. From here you can change settings that will impact all of your locations.

The first screen you should see is the Corporate Information setting screen. Make sure all the fields are filled out accurately. This is also where you can upload your logo so it appears in outgoing communications and your company’s login screen.

Create Your First Location

Click 'Locations' in the settings sub menu. Here you will find a list of all of your locations as you create them.


Click the ‘Add/Edit Location’ tab and fill out the form. Call your location ‘My First Location’ and fill the form out with any test data you wish.


For demonstration purposes make sure ‘Schedule Type’ is set to ‘Mon-Sun’ and hit ‘Save’.

Switching Between Locations

Now that you’ve created a location you can click the drop down menu found in the blue header area of the page on the upper right hand side. This menu allows you to quickly switch between all the locations you create and is also used to bring you back to the Corporate panel.

Setting Up Your New Location

Use the location drop down mentioned above to switch to the ‘My First Location’ you just created. You’ll land on the dashboard for that location. Once you’re up and running the dashboard will be a feed of notifications alerting you to events taking place at that location.


Click the ‘Settings’ link at the top of the page to be taken to the settings area for ‘My First Location’.


Location Information

  • Fill out or make any changes to the center information form that you see.


Creating a Room

  • Click the ‘Rooms’ sub menu item in settings and then click the ‘Add / Edit Room’ tab.

  • Select ‘Classroom’ from the room type menu and name your room ‘My First Room’

Create a Program

  • Click the ‘Programs’ sub menu item and then click ‘Add / Edit Programs’.

  • Name your program ‘My First Program’ and set its type to ‘Daytime’ and enter any kind of description.

  • Click ‘Update & Save’.

    Note: Want to save time if you have many locations with identical programs? In that case create programs on the corporate panel, they’ll appear at all your locations with their settings locked.


Program Pricing

  • You will be immediately taken to the ‘Program Pricing’ tab with the program you just created already selected for you.

  • Enter ‘Bi-Weekly’ in the Pricing Description field and select ‘Bi-Weekly’ from the Pay Period drop down. Enter a period price of 500 and a single day price of 100 and click Save & Add. You’ve just created a pricing schedule for that program. You can create as many as you wish for each program.
Signing Up Your First Family

Click the ‘Enrollment’ link in the main menu and then click ‘New Profile’ in the Enrollment sub menu.


Give your child any first and last name that you wish and a date of birth and gender.


Give your child a parent name as well as a user name that follows an email address format. It does not need to be a real email address for this purpose.


Enter any digits in the phone number field and hit ‘Create Account’.


You will be taken to the ‘Profiles’ list with the ‘Pending’ tab selected. You should see the child you just created.


Enrolling Your First Child Into a Program

  • Click the ‘Enroll Now’ link that appears on the row of information for the child you just created.

  • You will then be taken to the ‘Programs & Billing’ section for that child with the ‘Programs’ tab selected.

  • Click ‘Add Program’ in the left hand sub menu.

  • Under the ‘Program Name’ drop down choose the ‘My First Program’ that you created earlier. Under ‘Program Schedule’ choose the ‘Bi-Weekly’ payment schedule that you created.

  • Make sure the start date is today’s date. From the room drop down pick ‘My First Room’.

  • Select all days of the week Sunday through Monday and click ‘Save Changes’.

  • Click on ‘Forms & Reports’ in the ‘Programs & Billing’ sub menu. At the bottom of the page click the ‘Finalize Account’ button. This button is key to making the child visible in the teacher tablet portion of Kindertales.
Working with Tablet Mode / Kindertales App

If you are currently working on a desktop computer click the ‘Tablet Mode’ link at the top of the screen in the blue header area. This takes you to a desktop version of the Kindertales teacher tablet app.


You will land on the dashboard which will be empty. Click the hamburger menu icon in the top left to expose the tablet menu. Click ‘Attendance’. The child you created should now be visible. If not make sure you see ‘Daytime Room: My First Room’ on the right side of the screen. If you don’t try clicking the menu there and browsing to that room.


Checking Children In and Out


  • Select the child and click the ‘Check-In-Out’ button. This will take you to that specific child’s check-in page. Here you can record visual concerns and see and edit their check-in history for today’s date. (You can check-in multiple children at once by tagging all the children you want to check-in.)

  • Click the green ‘Check-In’ button. The child is now checked-in!



Changing a Child’s Profile Picture


  • Click the hamburger menu icon again and this time select ‘Profiles’ from the tablet menu. Select the child you created and you will be taken to their tablet mode profile page. From here you can find all of their key parental and emergency contact information. Tap the profile image area to bring up the tablet’s camera / file browser on your computer to upload a photo.


Recording a Daily Activity


  • Click the hamburger menu icon again and this time select ‘Daily Activity’ from the tablet menu. Select the child you created and click the green ‘Continue’ button.

  • Click on ‘Drink’ and select one of the three drink options. Then click ‘Save & Continue’ at the bottom of the screen. The activity has just been recorded and the parent has received a notification in their News Feed.

  • If you used a real email address that you have access to enroll your test child you should have received a welcome email with login credentials. You can use those to sign in and see how parents experience Kindertales on their desktop and mobile devices.
Have Questions?

This guide was a very brief overview of how to get started. Kindertales contains many powerful and advanced features. Check back to the How To page often as we will be continuously adding new guides on how to use them.

In the meantime you can always schedule a complimentary 30 minute demo or book a paid training session. Visit and click the ‘Request a Demo’ button.

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