Kindertales How-To
Subsidy Receiving & Ledger Locking

This guide will show you where you can mark transactions paid by subsidies as received and lock date periods from having any further charges arranged to a specific subsidy.

Step 1:

When viewing a location click “Billing Tools” in the main menu and then select “Subsidy Receiving”.


You will land on the “Create Report” tab of the Subsidy Receiving tool. Select a Subsidy and a Date Range and click “Generate Report”.

Step 2:

All charges that have been flagged as being paid by that subsidy for the date range selected will show below.


If you have received the money for these charges from the subsidy provider and want to start marking them as received, click the red “Lock Report” button.


Note: This will prevent any further charges from being marked payable by that subsidy for the date range selected. You can unlock the date range by unlocking the created report under the locked ledgers tab.

Step 3:

Switch to the “Locked Ledgers” tab and select the subsidy and date range that you just locked.


From here you can now start marking the individual charges as being received by filling out the amount and entering a received date.


The GREEN button on each row will automatically enter the full amount for you.


The BLUE button on each row is to be used if the subsidy only provided a portion of the expected amount. The original charge amount will be adjusted to match what subsidy paid. The difference will be stored and a future report will allow you to review the outstanding amounts.