Kindertales How-To
Waitlist Manager

This quick tutorial will show you how to add people to your waitlist and communicate back and forth with them directly within the waitlist tool.

Step 1:

Head to the waitlist section. Select Enrollment from the main menu and then choose Waitlist Manager.

Step 2:

You will arrive on the first tab, Waitlist. From this list you can enroll a child, send a quick notification of available space, edit and delete the entry.


Clicking an entry will expand it to show your more information. It will also allow you to send a message directly to the email address associated with the entry. If a parent replies to that email it will be added to the message chain, you will also receive a notification on your dashboard that they have replied.


You can also add private notes to the chain that the customer associated to the entry does not see.

Step 3:

To add a new entry to the waitlist click on the Sign-Up Form tab. Fill out the form completely and hit submit. The customer will recieve an email alerting them they have been added to the waitlist for the selected locations and programs.


Step 4:

The Waitlist Widget tab allows you to customize the look of the Waitlist Sign-Up form and provides you a line of code for embedding it into other web sites. This gives you the capability to add the Kindertales waitlist to your company’s site so potential customers can fill it out themselves.


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