Kindertales How-To
Inquiry Manager

This guide will show you how to add customers to your inquiry and waitlists as well as schedule tours for customers to visit your location(s).

Step 1: Adding Entries to the Inquiry List

To access the Inquiry manager click Enrollment on the main menu and then select Inquiry Manager.


To add an entry to the Inquiries list, click on the Inquiry Form and fill it out.

Step 2: Using the Inquiry List

Clicking on any entry on the inquiry list will expand it open to view more details and options.

Customer Information: This is the information gathered from the Inquiry form.


Book a Tour: In this area you can schedule a date and time for this potential customer to attend a tour of your location. Checking the Attended a Tour box will display a check mark in the tour column for that customer.


Waitlist Information: This area allows you to add a user to the waitlist for a specific program as well as which room they would potential be in, their schedule preference and any notes you may want to take.


Customers on the Inquiry list who are on a Waitlist for a program will appear in the Walitlist tab.

Step 3: Inquiry Communication Thread

Below the details and options for each entry on the Inquiry list will be a communications thread that allows you to send a message directly to the email address associated with the entry. If a parent replies to that email it will be added to the message chain, you will also receive a notification on your dashboard that they have replied.


You can also add private notes to the chain that the customer associated to the entry does not see.

Step 4: Using the Waitlist

Select the Waitlist tab to see which entries from inquiries that you’ve added to a waitlist.

From here you can track which users are on your waitlist and sort by program, key dates and more.


The Enroll button in the Walitlist information box will take you directly to the new enrollment form with the customer details populated for you.


The Notify button / Envelope icon will allow you to send the potential customer a message that a space is available in the program of interest.

Step 5: Inquiry Widget

The Inquiry Widget tab allows you to customize the look of the Inquiry Sign-Up form and provides you a line of code for embedding it into other web sites. This gives you the capability to add the Kindertales Inquiry form to your company’s site so potential customers can fill it out themselves.