All-New Inquiry Manager & More!

The latest updates includes an all-new inquiry manager tool, giving teachers the ability to reply to messages and a staff location switcher.

Scroll down to learn about all the new and improved features!

Inquiry Manager

We’ve changed the Waitlist Manager to allow you to track general inquiries separately from your waitlist. The system will now be called the Inquiry Manager and have enhanced features. Learn how to use the new tool by clicking here.

Teacher Reply to Messages

Teachers using the Kindertales classroom app can also now reply to any messages they receive from staff and parents.

Change Staff Locations

You can now change the location for teacher and supervisor user types. Head to the staff manager in corporate settings where you can now see and manipulate staff lists for all locations.

Additional Feature Updates

Mobile and Tablet Enhancements

(Found throughout the Classroom and Parent Apps)


  • General Fixes and performance improvements.

Desktop Enhancements

(Found throughout the Supervisor, Admin & Parent Desktop.)


  • General fixes and performance improvements.
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