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Family Billing

Kindertales Update History

July 2019


Copy Sibling Enrollment Data

Child enrollment forms now have the ability to duplicate a select amount of data from a sibling's enrollment form to save time entering data.


Child Preferred Name

Children now have a "Preferred Name" field on their enrollment form which is also displayed on their profile.


Billing Tools Details Sorting

All details panes on the Billing Tools dashboard now have column sorting.


Search Inquiries

The main search bar now includes inquiry manager results.


Show / Hide Enrolled Children from Inquiry Manager

You can now show or hide entries on the Inquiry and Waitlist for children that have been enrolled.



June 2019


Inquiry Form Customization

Added the ability to customize the inquiry form with a variety of form question types. The inquiry and wait list detailed views have had their UI improved.


Desktop Check-In

Children can now be checked in and out via the attendance page on desktop.


Billing Emails Added

Added a number of emails that get sent to parents for various billing scenarios. These mostly relate to advising of successful or failed charges, missing payment methods and upcoming charge alerts.


Location Details Copy

When adding or editing a location you can now copy details from your corporate info to save time if any of the information matches.


Tour Notification

The director dashboard has a new notification type alerting them to any tours scheduled for today.


Delete Child Account

Added a Trash icon to the Pending and Archived Enrollment lists that allow you to completely delete a child account and all of its data.


Enhanced Bulk Activation Message Customization

Added a default custom message and a text formatting tool bar to the custom message area of the bulk activation tool. The default message is just a guide, we encourage you to write a custom message of your own to customers.



May 2019


Profile Tagging

Added a tag system to child profile pages. Create and add tags to any child that can later be reported on. Tagging will be added to more areas of the app in a future update.


Profile Tag Report

Reports on the tags added to child profiles. Future updates to the tag system will allow you to report on tags added to other areas of Kindertales.

Parent Document Upload

Parents can now upload documents to their child's profile in the desktop portal.


Child Profile Enrollment History

You can now view the enrollment history of a child on their profile page.


Parent News Feed Clean-Up and Archive

Parents can now archive their news feed via the desktop portal as well as view their archived items.


Diaper Change Report

Added a new diaper change report to the reports section for care providers.


Pending Customers Contacts

Customers on the pending profiles list now appear as contacts in Messaging.


Global Settings Simplified

Added the functionality of Global Settings to the Location Settings pages for SuperAdmin users. Due to this change the Global Settings section is no longer needed and has been removed.


Tours Report

Added a new Tours Report to the Marketing Reports.



April 2019


New Reports

Inquiry Channel, Emergency Contacts and Late Fee reports have been added.


Updated User Interfaces

The desktop portal user interface roll out continued updating the majority of desktop portals to the new UI.

Late Fee Enhancements

Directors will receive daily alerts if any Late Fees have been assigned from the prior days check-outs. The alert will link you to the new Late Fee report allowing for the ability to edit/void the fees.


Preferred Contact Method Tagging

You can now tag the preferred contact method for Parent 1 and Parent 2 on the child enrollment form. The preferred method will now be tagged on their desktop profile.


Form Change Alerts

Notifications will now be sent when a parent makes a change to a child form. These notifications can be controlled on a per-form basis under Settings > Forms. Parents will also receive an alert when a form is updated, instructing them to review the form and make any applicable changes.


Add New Pricing During Sign-Up

There is now an option to add new pricing during the program sign-up process.


Attendance Totals on Printed Attendance Sheet
The printed attendance sheet now includes a total row displaying the expected number of children in the room for each day on the chart.


March 2019


New Reports

Outstanding Payments, Program Discounts, Per Schedule Billing and Post Drop-In Fee reports have been added.


Updated User Interfaces

Desktop dashboards and the Billing Tools sections have been given and upgraded user interface.


Staff Member Search

You can now search for staff members in the header search bar.


Update Existing Fee Arrangements

When editing the price of a program you now have the option to have the new price apply to existing enrollments, even those with split payments.


Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Corrected a number of issues and enhanced performance.



February 2019


New Immunization Report

You can now run a report on immunizations for all children at your locations. The report provides an easy way to see which immunizations have doses coming soon, late or that have already been administered.


Settings Interface Updated

The user interface of the Settings section on desktop has been updated.


Bulk Activation Email Statistics

The bulk activation email will now appear in your sent messages folder within Kindertales. This will allow you to review critical statistics about who has read and clicked the activation button in the email.

New Billing Reports

The new Per-Schedule billing report allows you to select a date range in the future and charge families based on days in care for the selected date range.


The Post Drop-In Fees report allows you to do the same task for dates in the past based on recorded attendance.

Holiday Dates for Billing

You can now set specific dates as holidays to prevent any billing from occurring on the dates selected.


Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Corrected a number of issues and enhanced performance.

January 2019


All-New Desktop Menu Interface

We've redesigned the main menu on desktop to provide easier access to all the tools in Kindertales. Staff members can also customize their profile picture via the new main menu.


Tax Receipt Customization

You can now set the name, signature and Tax ID that should appear on tax receipts for parents. The settings for this feature can be found in Settings > Billing > Tax Receipt.


Inquiry Contact List

A separate list of contacts just for non-waitlist entries in your Inquiry Manager is now available in messages.


Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Corrected a number of issues and enhanced performance.



November 2018


New Reports

We've added some great new and highly requested reports to the desktop portal including: Incident, Accident and Illness report history, Allergy and Medical Issues, and Nap history. You can also now create entries in the staff history report for any missed staff check-ins.

Create Reports from Desktop

Another highly requested feature is to create Incident, Accident, Illness and Visual concern reports from desktop. You can now do this from within each child's Forms & Reports section on desktop!

September 2018


All-New Classroom App

We’ve completely rebuilt our classroom app from the ground up for both iOS and Android. Learn more about all the great new features by clicking here.


April 2018


Inquiry Manager

We’ve changed the Waitlist Manager to allow you to track general inquiries separately from your waitlist. The system will now be called the Inquiry Manager and have enhanced features.


Teacher Reply to Messages

Teachers using the Kindertales classroom app can also now reply to any messages they receive from staff and parents.

Change Staff Locations

You can now change the location for teacher and supervisor user types. Head to the staff manager in corporate settings where you can now see and manipulate staff lists for all locations.

March 2018


Custom Forms

New tool to allow you to build forms from scratch directly within Kindertales. Recreate any form you require for parents to fill out as part of enrollment or on-going activities.

February 2018


Revenue Report

An enhanced graphical revenue report is now available in the location and corporate portals. Differentiate between revenue types as well as export the data to a variety of formats.


Communication Blocker

This feature allows you to setup a new location and prevent any automated system messages from going out to families. Manual message tools will still allow you to send communications.


Revised Drink Activity

We’ve added more drink types to the Drink daily activity as well as the ability to record more detailed consumption amounts.



January 2018


Immunization Tracker

You can now track immunizations for all children in Kindertales! To learn how to enter and track immunizations read our How-To Guide on this great new feature.


Child Profile Notes

In addition to notes shared with the classroom you can now record private notes a child’s profile page for administrators only. All notes remain hidden from parents.


Enrollment Manager Upgrades

When scheduling a graduation you will now be given the option prorate the customer’s bill. Balances now move with a child when their care is ended and are transfered to a new location.


Improved Attendance Reporting

Attendance reporting has been upgraded to provide you with more detailed information including how children were checked-in or out, authorization signatures and more. Check it out in the reports section.


Meal Report

A detailed meal report has been added to the Reports section. The report allows you to search by a variety of filters and edit or delete any entries.



September 2017


Enable and Disable Features

You now have the ability to customize Kindertales by enabling or disabling features. Depending on the feature it may alter how it works or remove it completely. Head to Settings > Features to learn more.


Changes to our Apps

Parents and Teachers now have separate apps! “Kindertales for Classrooms” is the new name of our existing app and is for care providers only. Parents can now use the all new “Kindertales for Parents” app for Android and iOS to experience Kindertales on the go.


Digital Signature Request on Check-In & Out

You can now require parents to provide a digital signature on the Classroom Tablet when you check their child in or out. Enable this feature by heading to Settings > Location.


Approve by Date

You can now specify a date that approval messages must be acknowledged by. The sent message statistics on approval messages will now tell you which customers did not submit a yes or no response after the approval date has passed.


New Restricted Supervisor Role

We’ve added a new user level called Restricted Supervisor. This role  has more limited access to settings and features for their location than the traditional Supervisor role.


June 2017


New Welcome Screens

When signing up for Kindertales users will now be presented with a series of welcome screens explaining the main pillars of the software.

Billing Improvements

The billing system has received a series of improvements behind the scenes to make it run smoother as well as some user interface streamlining.


One Touch Group Submit for Daily Activity and Milestones

You can now submit group daily activity and milestone entries with one tap of a button.

Bulk Activation Tool

Allows you to send the Kindertales activation email to many customers at once.

New Contact List in Messaging

We've rebuilt the contact list in messaging to allow you to save and load groups of contacts as well as more advanced sorting options.


October 2016


New Billing System

The billing system in Kindertales has been completely rebuilt to be the only solution you need for managing your bookkeeping quickly and easily.


Some of the great new billing features include:

Detailed Dashboards - Get all the information you need about a child's or location's billing at a glance.


Online Billing & Payments - Allows parents to pay all their bills online. Money is quickly deposited to your account.


Bulk Tools - Use these to process transactions for many children at a single time.



Online Billing & Payments

With Kindertales, you can start collecting money from the moment you sign up. Families can pay online from their desktop or mobile device.


Some of the great new billing features include:


Automatic Payments - With auto-billing, you can charge your families credit cards or bank accounts on a recurring basis. It takes only seconds to setup.


Fast Deposits - Payments are securely deposited to your bank account in as little as two days. With no transfer minimums you can get your cash fast.


Know Your Cash Flow - You’ll always know where your money is. Kindertales summarizes recent and upcoming deposits directly on your dashboard for quick analysis.

Click here to learn more about Online Billing & Payments.


Custom Programs

The programs in Kindertales have been completely rebuilt to allow you to create totally customized programs along with as many pricing structures as you want per program.


Some of the great new billing features include:


Totally Custom - Give programs any name you want and tag them as being before school, daytime, after school or custom.


Set Pricing - Create as many pricing schemes as you want for each program to allow for flexibility when billing parents.


Link Milestones - Milestone groups are now custom as well! Create a custom Milestone group and then link it as the default group to any programs you want.


Master Settings - Decide if your individual locations can make changes to pricing, waitlist availability and more from your corporate dashboard.


All New Messaging

The messaging system in Kindertales has been completely rebuilt to be the only solution you need for marketing to and staying in touch with your current and future customers.


New Messaging Highlights:

  • Robust contact list of your staff and customers.
  • Ability to send messages to any combination of individuals or groups of staff and customers.
  • A powerful MS Word style editor for composing your message.
  • An image library for storing images you frequently use in out going communications.
  • A variety of graphical templates to pick from and the ability to save any message you draft as a template for future use. You can also share your templates between locations.
  • Schedule a time for messages to go out.
  • Out going messages are branded with your logo.
  • Plus many more!


An extensive guide on how to use the new messaging features can be found here.


Waitlist Improvements

We’ve improved and added some great new functionality to the waitlist tracker.


You can now send emails to your customers directly from their waitlist entry. Replies from your customers will be added to the thread under their waitlist entry so you can easily review your communication with them.


Private notes that only you can see can also be added to the conversation thread and you can now flag waitlist entries with a star to mark them as important.

A guide on how to use the new waitlist features can be found here.

Co-Branding & Outgoing Communication Improvements

One of the most requested features is finally here!

Under your corporate settings you can now upload a company logo that will be used in out-going communications and other locations throughout the app.


Click here for a guide on uploading your logo.


Improved Outgoing Communications

We’ve also improved the look of a large number of outbound communications from Kindertales.


Parents will now receive much nicer looking emails with your logo on them when they get updates on things like daily activities, milestones and more.


Waitlist Widget Name

The name on the waitlist widget that you can embed on your site will now be pulled from your corporate location name in corporate settings.



February 2016


Revamped Attendance Monitor

The attendance monitor which you can find on the supervisor dashboard and attendance pages has been given a big face lift. The second column in the monitor now displays the number of children who are physically present in all your classrooms and common areas and the total number of children enrolled for each room. The second column shows the number of teachers checked into each location as well.When moving a child to a common area teachers will now be prompted if they’d like to check-in to that common area. The ratio of children to teachers is also displayed as a ratio of number of children per teacher in a location.


Upgraded Attendance Page

We have also upgraded the desktop attendance page for supervisors to more closely match how attendance is presented on the tablet. Each classroom’s attendance list is now broken out into multiple sections based on where children from that room are located. Check-in and out times are color coded so you can quickly see at a glance which children and teachers are checked-in/out and which children had any visual concerns recorded at check-in.


Milestone Reports - View Tutorial

Development Report: This report allows you to specify a date range and be presented with a detailed report for all of the achieved and attempted milestones for a specific room.


You can choose to create a report for one child or all the children that achieved milestones for the selected dates and room.


A print version is also available that leaves space for making notes.


Photo Report: This report allows you to specify a date range and room which then presents you with of all the milestone photos taken for that period and location.


Photos can then be tagged to be included in a print version of the report which has details of the achieved or attempted milestone.


Staff Check-In History Report

This report allows you to specify a date range, room and staff member to view and edit a detailed report of all their check-in times and locations for that time period.


You can also set the report to show all rooms and/or all staff members.


The report will provide totals for hours worked and allow you to print the report in Excel, CSV  or ISF format for importing directly into Quickbooks or other payroll software applications.


Staff are able to submit requests for check-in entry edits from their tablets. Supervisors can instantly approve or deny the request from their news feed or use the history report to make the edit manually.


Incident, Accident, Illness Report Printing

Incident, accident and illness reports have been improved to fit on one page when being printed. The incident report will still print the diagram graphics on separate pages however.


Updated Checklist User Interface

We have updated the look and feel of the checklist section on the teacher tablet to be more user friendly.


Messages to Parents Now Include Email

All messages sent to parents via the messaging section in Kindertales will now be received as a Kindertales messages and as an email to the parent.


Teacher Common Area Check-In

Teachers can now check-in to common areas by either moving a child to a common area or going to the teacher check-in page and using the drop down to choose a common area.



September 2015


Teacher Tablet Interface

We listened to the feedback of over 600 early childhood educators and spent the last year rebuilding the classroom tablet portion of Kindertales.


  • All new menus allow for faster access to tools and room navigation.
  • Now teachers have their own dashboard with important information that updates automatically.
  • Dashboard Alerts: Checked-In, Absences, Drop Offs, Reports, Medications.
  • New Message Center: Messages now have a read and unread state and you can now mark messages as unread.


Attendance Tools

All new view of the attendance area sorts children into their present location. Makes it easy to see who is visiting another room, out on a walk or playing in the playground.


  • From a child's desktop attendance page you can now flag children who attend your before and after school programs.
  • Children attending before and after school programs will be sorted into specific rooms you specify on their desktop attendance page. These rooms appear on the teacher's tablet at the bottom of the room drop down menu.
  • Move children to other areas even if they are not checked in yet.
  • Check in/out multiple children at once.
  • Improved photo tagging.
  • New profile image icons give added info.
  • Customize common area locations.
  • Check children into common areas for special programs and before and after school.
  • Children are sorted by their location.


Teachers Check-In and Ratio Tracking

Teachers can now check in and out of the system when they start and end work. As teachers move around in the center their location is tracked and displayed on the supervisors dashboard next to their room. Now supervisors can quickly see if they are getting close to going out of ratio.


  • New check in and out system.
  • Teachers can set their location as they move around the center.
  • Teachers can login and view children's info before their shift without being checked in.
  • View check in/out history and modify entries in case of mistaken actions.


Send Photos with My Day

One of the most requested features has been a quick way to send a photo of a child to their parents. We've enhanced the "My Day" daily activity report to do just this! The option to delete the entry in case the wrong photo goes out is also included. Head to Daily Activity on your teacher tablet now to try it out.


Teacher Tablet Enhancements

  • Attendance tracking for children enrolled in before and after school programs.
  • General speed and usability improvements to all sections.
  • Faster time entry widget. No more multiple drop downs to enter time.
  • Improved date select boxes.
  • Improved history views for children's daily activities.
  • New view shows completed and attempted milestones for children.
  • New history view for child reports.
  • New message center with ability to mark messages read and unread.
  • New teacher tutorials.
  • Profile image now shows first name and last initial for easier reading.
  • Teachers now see the "Signature" tool so they know if parents have unsigned enrollment forms or action plans.


Desktop Enhancements

  • Flag children as being in before or after school programs and assign a room to each.   View Tutorial
  • Improved time zone management.
  • Added emergency dental info to the enrollment form.
  • Customize the General Consent form with custom items requiring parent consent. These items can be set by corporate, a specific location or a combination of the two.
  • Improvements to priority notifications.
  • Parents now receive a styled HTML email after sign-up.
  • Dashboard attendance monitor shows how many teachers are checked into each room.
  • Printed attendance report will show if there were multiple check in/outs on the same day.
  • Attendance report will now highlight if children are visiting another room.
  • All-new individual activity report on child's attendance page. Quickly view all actions for a child in a given month. Click any action for more information.



March 2015


Waitlist Widget

  • The Waitlist Widget provides users with a line of code to allow them to embed the Kindertales waitlist form into their web site. A direct link to the form is also provided.
  • The Waitlist Widget can be visually customized to work with customer’s branding.


Multiple Milestones

  • You can now record Milestones for multiple children at one time. Just tap the faces of the children you wish to create the same milestone for and select continue.


Drop-Off Request Approval

  • Management can now approve or deny single day drop off requests from parents.
  • Parents will receive an email notification advising them of the status of their request and will be able to review request status on their desktop portal under attendance.


Priority Notifications

  • Supervisors will now see the new "Priority Notifications" section on their dashboard.
  • Enrollment form changes, incident, accident and illness reports will now appear in this section until addressed.




Family Billing




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