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Our holistic approach allows you to see and do everything from one place.
Kindertales will save you time and money so you can get back to what you love about childcare.

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Be In The Know

Empower Teachers

Enhance Communication

Feel more confident knowing what is happening in your center every moment of the day.

Give teachers the tools it takes to provide a more enriched early childhood experience.

Eliminate communication breakdowns and the stress they cause between families and staff.


Simple tracking of attendance and staff hours. See your ratios at a glance.


Recurring Family Billing

The most flexible billing tools of any childcare management software.


Flexible Reporting

The information you need at your fingertips.  Financial, statistical, compliance. It’s all there.


Waitlist & Inquiry Management

The most comprehensive waitlist and inquiry manager available. No need for a separate childcare CRM.

Online Registration

Parents complete their paperwork online. Our custom form builder lets you go totally paperless.


Classroom Observations

Record the little ones developmental progress. Use state standards or create your own.


Family & Staff Messaging

Customizable communication options let you control the flow of information.


Daily Activity Tracking

Track and share daily activities include meals, naps, diaper changes and more.

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A Tailored Childcare Experience

Director Portal

Paperless, digital management tools for your entire center. Comply with licensing requirements. Automatic online family billing. Manage enrollment and staffing.


Classroom App

Increase efficiency in every area. Manage attendance. Record daily activities. Improve family communication. Reduce or eliminate paperwork. Record developmental milestones.


Mobile App for Parents

Allow families to feel connected to their child while in your care. See updates from the classroom. Communicate with teachers. Pay tuition and much more.



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No More Modules

Kindertales doesn't make you choose from a list of modules.  We know the tools you need to run a successful childcare and we give them all to you.


One Platform for Everything

Stop using separate apps for enrollment, another for billing and maybe even another for waitlist and CRM.  Kindertales does it all with one connected platform.


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What happens when you adopt.

Maximize Your Day

Your average employee will save nearly 2 hours a day, spending more time on children in care.


Satisfy Your Families & Staff

Eliminate inconsistent communication. Keep everyone informed on the development and needs of each child.


Create a Better Business

Happier staff and families will continue to give you referrals to keep your waitlist healthy and your organization successful in the years to come.

See How It Works

Assistant Director

“Since we have been working with Kindertales we have had such a wonderful experience with them. Their team has been very patient and supportive with us as we began our journey together, answering our many numerous questions promptly, professionally and in a friendly manner. Kindertales has been a wonderful addition to our organization.”


Christina Hidaka

Assistant Director Northeastern Illinois University Childcare Center

Owner / Director

“Kindertales has allowed me to use one program for all my child care needs versus the two different platforms we were previously using. The customer service is hands on and very knowledgeable. There are so many beneficial functions within the app and my teachers and families are excited!”


Jennifer Sullivan

Owner/Director of Coronado Prep Preschool

Owner / Director

“When starting my Child Development Center, I knew that I needed a childcare management software that would cater to not only my center and the staff, but also to my parents. Kindertales has exceeded my exceptions more than I could have ever imagined.”


Khiari McAlpin
Owner/Director of Vinehouse Preschool

Owner / Director

“Kindertales has truly streamlined our daily tasks and made it so much easier for us to efficiently serve our families. Kindertales benefits continuously exceed our expectations. Their team has made every effort to consider both parents and teachers. We will be long-term customers and we look forward to continuing to grow with Kindertales”


Linique McCoy
Owner/Director of Discovery PitStop

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To provide caregivers with the tools needed to spend less time managing the facility and more time sharing their love and knowledge with the children they care for. At Kindertales we're dedicated to enhancing and enriching the early childhood experience.


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