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The Kindertales Difference

What sets Kindertales apart is our grassroots beginnings in an industry we care for dearly. We've taken this background and translated it into a depth of functionality not seen elsewhere, especially for our most sophisticated enterprise customers.

A Quick Comparison

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Kindertales The Others


Forecast Available Space: a powerful occupancy forecaster to manage expenses.
Profitability Tracking: insight into gross margin by room, program and center.
Flexible Billing Tools: custom built from the ground up for payments in childcare.
Customizable Online Registration: digital registration adapted to your specific needs.
Lost Revenue Prevention: attendance control is intelligently tied to account billing.

What Drives Us

At the core, Kindertales is driven by our passion to facilitate the best childcare possible. When you sign up, you're guaranteed to be supported by a wealth of industry experience and expertise. Rest assured, you’ll never navigate the complexities of the business alone!

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