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Kindertales CRM+

A childcare CRM for the sophisticated multi-location childcare business.


Run an enterprise-grade Childcare Management Software (CMS) and Childcare-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in one unified platform. No more double-keying and managing multiple pieces of software. All customer information in one system from first inquiry right through end-of-care.


Automated Lead Journeys Fully configurable lead stages and communication automation. Tailor the experience that families have when they first engage with your business.
Task-driven Workflows Create customizable tasks for your team, so that leads never fall through the cracks. Follow ups, reminders, anything that the enrollment team needs as a part of their sales process.
Multiple Communication Channels Manually or automatically contact leads via email, phone call, SMS, or live chat embedded on your website. Meet your families wherever they are most comfortable.
Powerful Reporting & Analytics Get comprehensive visibility into all prospective families, at each center location, region, or organization-wide.

Configurable Lead Stages

Do you have a unique way of running your enrollment process? Reacting to demand from subsidies in Canada? Need to automate your long waitlist across locations? Kindertales CRM+ is the only childcare CRM in the market with fully customizable stages. Have as many or as few as you would like. Name them whatever you want.


Automated Lead Journeys

Configure a lead journey for each stage of your enrollment funnel, and automatically send emails from your own domain and SMS from your own phone number/s. Ensure no lead falls through the cracks by creating and assigning tasks based on any element of a lead's information. 


In-built Ticketing System

Native inside of Kindertales CRM+ is a ticketing system that can be used in a variety of ways. Track parent issues, prioritize and escalate, and have full visibility of customer satisfaction across all of your centers. You can also use it to track staff issues or requests. If you have a high volume of requests to manage, do it in CRM+ with ease.


Task-driven Workflows

The To-Do List is the central place for staff to work leads based on your own business logic established in each lead journey. Create unique tasks and assign to lead owners based on location. Ideal for centrally-run enrollment offices. Track all interactions with a lead in one clear timeline, and manage leads inquiring across multiple locations.


Tour & Booking Calendar

Allow families to book a tour right from your website, or have tour scheduling controlled by your enrollment team. It's your choice. You can also use the calendar for booking things like play visits or open houses. Customize the look and feel of the calendar to suit your brand's image.

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