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Comprehensive Enterprise Management

Running one childcare operation can be a challenge. Managing multiple locations at once is even harder — unless you have the very best tools in the market. Explore how our all-in-one solution lets you stay connected and in control.


Empowered Leaders

"We did our research. No other platform in the market had the depth of customized functionality and the reporting capabilities that Kindertales did. We switched from [our old software] and couldn't be happier.

- Kelly D. Multi-location CEO. Dallas, TX.

Flexible & Uncompromising Personalize the solution to fit how you do business, not the other way around.
Comprehensive Financial Tools Reduce billing headaches with our reliable payments system designed to minimize cost and maximize profit.
Offer Peace of Mind Demonstrate to your customers that their children are in the best possible care with developmental milestone tracking and transparent notifications.

All The Insight, All The Time

You are data-driven and need fast and flexible access to key information. Learn more below.

Full Time Equivalency

Historicals and projections on FTE by program, room, center.

Accrual-Basis Accounting

System-wide support & reporting for cash-basis or accrual-basis accounting.

Multi-Location Capacity & Staff Planning

Historicals and projections on: revenue per time period, FTE revenue, room utilization, staffing needs.

Revenue Management

View charges, credits, discounts, subsidies, historicals and projections.

Accounts Receivable

Easily track outstanding payments to meet revenue targets faster.

Compliance & Licensing

Digitize compliance-related activity and easily access reports when you need them.

Accessible Data

All child/parent/staff information viewable and exportable to .csv/.xslx/.pdf. 

And automatically schedule email reports on critical information.

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