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Unparalleled Customer Support

The businesses we serve matter to us, and that's why we're the
only childcare management software with live phone support for every customer.
No more waiting for a return call or emails sent out into the darkness.


A World-Class Support System

You spend your whole day caring for and supporting others—now it's our turn. Our success is dependent on your success and when you're happy we're happy. When the time comes that you need someone to rely on, we're here for you.

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Kindertales dedicated technical support staff answering your questions

On-Demand For You

There can be a long line of parents awaiting your help. You don't have the time to submit a support ticket and wait to hear back in a few days, you need it now. We get it!

That's why our phone lines are open for you 12h per day 5 days a week.

Fast Live Chat Response Don't wait days, wait just minutes. Be chatting with one of our experts in 90 seconds or less.
A Team You Can Trust Kindertales has a long history of high quality support outcomes. You'll be at peace knowing we're always in your corner.
Dedicated Support Speak with someone who understands your unique business & needs. Our team is equipped with all the information specific to your account.

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