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Our website & apps allow you to keep your operations running as smooth as possible. Kindertales has a breadth and depth unmatched in the industry. If you truly want the one-stop-shop solution for childcare management, look no further.

Screenshot of the Kindertales Dashboard screen showing various management features

Childcare Management

With the Kindertales management dashboard, you'll be able to quickly find what you need without digging through endless paperwork. Utilize online registration, track medical information, record compliance-critical events, and much more.

Screenshot of the Kindertales Enrollments screen showing useful management features

Waitlist Management

Seamlessly manage your waitlist and inquiries with our dedicated childcare CRM system that offers a seamless transition from inquiry, tour, waitlist, application and registration all the way to daily attendance and ultimately graduation.

Screenshot of the Kindertales mobile Payments screen

Billings & Payments

Tedious bookkeeping is a thing of the past. With online billing, families will find online and mobile payment simple. Also, accurately forecast revenue into the future and stay on top of all outstanding payments.

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Screenshot of the Kindertales News Feed showing a child's Milestone


Kindertales milestone tracking enables providers to capture developmental progress right as it happens. Forget last-minute scrambling for progress report content. And don't worry if you don't like what a staff member wrote on a milestone. Management can edit at any time from anywhere.

Screenshot of the Kindertales Attendance features


Keeping track of attendance can be tricky regardless of how many children are in your care. Make everyone's lives easier with check-in and check-out via QR code or secure facial recognition. Easily run reports on attendance historically and projected into the future.

Kindertales_Product Highlight_Messaging


Fret no more about tracking down parent handouts or finding sticky notes everywhere. You can message teachers or families on their tablets, desktops, or mobile devices, instantly. Keep it personalized with customizable templates or simple with a variety of pre-existing templates.

Kindertales_Product Highlight_Settings


Customize parameters to your needs and manage user permissions. Adjust settings based on location or apply changes to all locations with one easy click. Add new forms or customize existing ones. The devil is in the details which is why we give you the control to configure exactly as you need.

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