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Streamlined Parent Communication

These days, high-quality communication is key to customer acquisition and retention. Parents want to have the same seamless experience when managing their child’s care as when pre-ordering their morning coffee — and Kindertales enables that through our daycare parent communication app.

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Continuous Updates Throughout The Day

From a daily news feed of their child’s activity to real-time messaging with their child’s educators, families will always feel connected with what matters most.

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Exceed Parent Expectations

Miscommunication leads to missed sales and cranky families. Go above and beyond what customers expect from their childcare by delivering exceptional customer service with Kindertales.

Easy To Use Interface Our software is simple and intuitive so that even your most technologically challenged grandparents will love it.
Stronger Customer Relationships When you build trust with families you generate loyal customers and increased referrals.
Direct Communication Families don't want to wait. Keep them updated on the key aspects of your care. Ensure quick replies and messaging that fosters connection.

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