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January 5, 2022

How to Leverage Childcare Management Software for Your Business

Is your child care center experiencing challenges with any of the following: billing, multi-location management, communication, or curriculum? Childcare Management Software can help. Read more to learn how to use these tools to make your life easier and enhance the success of your business.

Comprehensive Financial Tools

More time, less fuss

Did you become a child care provider to spend all of your time in the office? We didn't think so. Billing done easy means more time on the floor with the kids. When you shift the billing setup work from your admin team and onto your families, it can be a huge time saver. It gives parents a sense of control and empowers them to utilize the online tools every chance they get. That means fewer headaches for you and happier families.

Leave dated billing in the past

It’s time to say goodbye to pesky bookkeeping. With online billing through our Childcare Management Software, you can automate your entire billing process. That means no more chasing down outstanding payments, spending long hours balancing accounts, or manually creating invoices. With most Childcare Management Software programs, you can start collecting money from the moment you sign up. Families can easily pay online from their desktop or mobile device. 

Plan ahead

When Childcare Management Software keeps track of attendance, finances, and more, you’re equipped and ready for anything. Want to model whether you will have enough demand to open another center? Use financial forecasting! With pre-set automated payment plans and simple family payment reminders, you set it and forget it. Deadlines and missed payments are now off your plate and you can dedicate your newfound time and energy wherever else it’s needed! 

Multi-location management

Take control of multiple childcare centers right from your remote position. Our software enables simplified childcare center management regardless of your physical location. You can even manage across multiple time zones or switch out program offerings and customize them by center, right from wherever you're logged in.


Parents will feel empowered 

When conversations about money arise, they can be stressful. To mitigate or entirely avoid these confrontations, utilize Childcare Management Software’s easy-to-use payment management. With simplified online forms and payments, you’ll eliminate misunderstandings. Parents will also be able to stay on top of their child’s daily activities with frequent updates. Lastly, parents will get hooked on the transparency and peace of mind. With Childcare Management Software, you can demonstrate that their child is in the best possible care with developmental milestone tracking and frequent notifications and reporting. They’ll never miss a beat.

Staff will be able to spend more time with the children

Thoughtful communication and tools mean increased parent satisfaction and retention! There is no more need for clunky file cabinets stuffed with documents. Enjoy paperless forms for accounts instead. Use Childcare Management Software to easily manage staff needs — from payroll to scheduling and more. So that your team can focus on what matters most: nurturing the children.


Manage your personnel 

Most Childcare Management Software solutions allow you to create staff profiles and manage their access in the system. You can then assign work schedules and salaries for use later in your payroll system. With these profiles, you can track Classroom Ratios to see how many teachers are in the classrooms currently, and how many you’ll need in a classroom at any given time into the future. It also makes managing temporary staff extremely easy. You’ll know which days you’ll need extra staff to meet ratios, allowing you to plan ahead. 

Equip yourself with the best curriculum planning tools

Childcare Management Software can help teachers and other curriculum planners focus on delivering top quality educational outcomes. Those involved with early childhood education already have a delicate balance of responsibilities throughout the day. Shift their focus and energy back to the children by reducing distracting paperwork. You can also record and track attendance, ratios, meals, naps, and more with intuitive mobile app functionality. Those who leverage the software’s planning tools will be talking about just how effortless it can be. Lastly, centralized and integrated messaging reduces potential miscommunication.


Have Questions? Well, We Have Answers. 

At Kindertales, we’re here for you. So, if you’re struggling with your software or just want to talk with us about how to make your center better, let’s connect!


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Diana Vasquez

Diana is a blog writer and early childhood education content specialist at Kindertales.

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