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Little Newtons Is
Using Kindertales To Grow and Expand

Acquiring new locations and expanding a business by leaps and bounds isn’t easy in any industry, but can be an especially difficult challenge in the childcare sector. Little Newtons has been able to not only achieve this but do so with an incredibly-impressive trajectory. Their secret weapon is having the right software implemented, making what used to be a daily struggle into a quick and seamless process. What’s their secret? They’re using Kindertales!

Little Newtons

About the Company

Little Newtons is an early education center dedicated to helping children reach their amazing potential! Their innovative curriculum is designed to engage, stimulate, and challenge children, — all while preparing them for a lifetime of learning.

They’ve done so well fostering a love for education in children and giving parents peace of mind that their little ones are in good care, that they’ve been able to continually grow and expand.


Unable to Scale Expanding their locations, without operating differently
Lost Leads Losing leads before they signed up
Outdated Process Handling too much paper documentation
Staff Inefficiencies Spending hours each day updating their records and logging activities



About Kindertales

Who We Are

Kindertales is an all-in-one childcare management software. Our robust system makes your operations streamlined and efficient. By implementing our system at your childcare facility, your team is able to focus more time and energy where it matters most — providing the best care and education for the children under your tutelage.


We Helped Them By

  • Creating enrollment reports, lead conversions, and tour reports

  • Reducing the time spent doing paperwork by about 70%

  • Streamlining the application process and moving it online

When Little Newtons was exploring new software options, being able to improve manual processes they were currently tracking in spreadsheets and move them to one platform was what won over Little Newton's executive team. We’re happy to say they’ve been using our system for more than four years and continue to not only enjoy our system but actually add on to their subscription.

Kindertales_Product Highlight_Attendence2-1

The ability to have everything we need all in one platform has made Kindertales invaluable to us.”

Luke McGregor,
Vice President of Customer Interaction at Little Newtons


Little Newtons has found that our software makes it possible to…

Stick to an Upward Trajectory

If you were in Minnesota, you’d already be very familiar with Little Newtons. This is because they are regularly on the news as a local thought leader for all things relating to childhood education, preparing for kindergarten, behavioral issues, mental health, and much more.

Brand awareness is a huge part of their marketing strategy, and it’s an area they’re doing wonders in. They are so well-thought-of because they don’t sit back and rest on their laurels. Since bringing on Kindertales in 2018, Little Newtons has gone from four locations to nine. They’ve more than doubled!

According to McGregor,

“The Kindertales platform helped facilitate the transition as we are able to manage the M&A’s [merger and acquisition] and growth. It gives us the ability to do that because we can run different centers as one. As a large enterprise, it is critical to run a team this way and Kindertales gives us this functionality.” 

Improve Lead to Customer Return on Investment (ROI) 

While an early education center is a very special type of business, it is still a business and needs to be run as such. Little Newtons understands this and uses reports to their advantage.

One such report that Little Newtons pays special attention to is tour conversions. How many people take personal tours of the facility, and how many choose to sign up? Why or why not? Mcgregor reminds us that this is a vital resource when doing training. If the team is at a low rate, they make sure they find out why. Kindertales makes it not only possible but easy to capture notes and interactions, so the team is able to appropriately address and tweak their unique marketing approach in order to convert the family that took the tour.

This reporting is only one way our system makes it easier to manage your lead-to-customer pipeline. Another way Kindertales helps is in the application process itself. This used to entail a large packet of paperwork, but it’s now done completely online. Not only is this much easier for the staff, it allows parents to take a break and come back to finish the application later. This also provides Little Newtons with insights as to who has abandoned their application without completing it. This gives them the knowledge they need to know who to reach out to and encourage – before they lose the lead for good.

Once you’re able to close more leads and have more and more new families at your childcare center, you’ll find the ROI is so profitable that Kindertales is paying for itself!

Manage Everyone’s Daily Tasks

How often does Little Newtons use Kindertales? As Mcgregor puts it, “On it daily, all the time.” For the directors, there is a dashboard that shows upcoming tours, who will be absent, as well as other forecasting metrics, like when it’s time to move kids from one class to the next and future planning for when kids age out. It will also tell you when you have a new family starting. 

As if this weren’t fantastic enough, the executive team also has a high-level perspective into revenue, payroll, and overall performance of the company. This is critical when making decisions on everything from hiring to making sure you have supplies to run operations.

It goes without saying that Kindertales makes the day significantly easier for the teachers too since they have much less physical paperwork. Classroom staff can take photos, keep records, log incidents, and create accident reports and illness reports. Other competitors tried to offer Little Newtons a “solution” that required teachers and assistants to be on a desktop computer for these functions, something their leadership team knew wasn’t feasible. Classroom management is only possible when your software goes where you do, via a smartphone or tablet. Kindertales makes this possible!

Spend Less Time on Admin Tasks

Before 2018, Little Newtons was using manual billing processes. What used to take hours now runs automatically. As a very real example, tuition used to take a few hours and now it takes 15 minutes! Not only is that pretty outstanding now, this time saving will become more and more important as the organization continues to grow. After all, they need tuition to pay bills and employees. It's great to be able to knock this important task out of the way without much effort and have a better perspective as to which funds are going where. 

This isn’t the only place Kindertales has helped. Thanks to our software, they were able to streamline all once-paper documents efficiently and move their process all online. This includes regulated documents, of which the childcare industry has many!

Little Newtons likes to say “Brilliance Guaranteed.” A promise like that is a pretty big one, and it’s something we’re proud to say we help them achieve. Without the right software supporting their directors, administrators, and teachers, they wouldn’t be able to meet the goals they are so well-known for. If you’d like to achieve results similar to what Little Newtons is seeing, it’s time for your personalized Kindertales demo. Book yours soon, and in very little time, you’ll be on the same flight path as Little Newtons.

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